Reference projects – Ford Motor Company Project SAP CRM Introduction of Security

Starting situation and nature of the taskFord-Logo

  • Introduction of a global SAP CRM system, the security-relevant areas for the authentication and authorisation are planned and implemented
  •  Introduction of a global SAP GRC Access Control System for the observation of company guidelines
  • Support of a SAP Upgrade project in the authorisation area for ERP,EWM,SCM, XI and CRM
  • Support and optimisation of the SAP security operation

Solution approach and modules

  • SAP CRM 07.01 version with Web Client UI technology
  • Web Shop application integration in the SAP portal
  • Authorisation concepts CRM with ACE components and logic checks

Solution architecture

  • SAP CRM 7.01
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP CRM Web Client UI
  • SAP Access Control Engine (ACE)
  • SAP Portal


  • Removal of various legacy systems
  • Use of a global system for the introduction of the distributor management
  • Fulfilments of SOX-based requirements

Highlights and Lessons Learned

  • New front-end web technologies
  • Integration of business into IT processes and organisational management of various specialist departments
  • Interaction with US specialist departments for global implementation scenarios