SAP Security


Archon Meridian sees itself as a consultation partner for our costumer for all issues which can be professionally covered by us. This could extend from possible punctual assistance with resources for the business and assistance with production to running an entirely project-related request in all ITIL-based phases of a SAP system landscape. Our consulting services attend to our customers in all projects and operating phases, and our services are specifically managed services that assist our customers primarily in an efficient operational management of the SAP system landscape.


SAP Security

In association with the Know How technology of our mostly SAP certified consultants, we are already quite proud to be able to successfully offer our “Core Expertise SAP Security” to our customers. The majority of our Senior Security Consultants has been allowed to provide support for SAP development in the authentication and authorisation context in many complex customer landscapes since the mid-90s. We analyse the SAP environments not only vertically through all system layers (net, database, applications, front-end), and horizontally through applications, but we analyse an environment in the entire End-2-End process.

Through security assessments we analyse the existing system landscape and the overlying business processes with regard to their internal and external threat scenarios and, where appropriate, to what extent legal guidelines and requirements are violated, in order to be able to ideally remove these deficiencies.

Regarding this, we always have an overall view, and we can focus depending on the requirements but also only on specific applications.

Our SAP security experts additionally work closely with IT security experts who guarantee security analysis and corrections in all other IT fields outwith the SAP worlds. Key terms here are for instance Penetration Test, Hardenings, Firewalling etc.

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Verified processes


The initial releases from 3.x of the R / 3 systems through the Netweaver platforms transformed to the web application server up to today’s S / 4 SAP Hana Business Suites have accompanied our experts in the technology areas over the last 3 decades.


Technical architects help with the design or integration process of SAP applications in existing landscapes or in the restructuring / optimization of the SAP landscape.


Be it for one of the first web-based online shops implementation by Deutsche Messe AG, Hanover; one of the largest global SAP rollouts at Vodafone AG, our consultants were always involved in decisive project phases that made a significant contribution to the success of the program on the customer side.


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