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Every second company worldwide has been the victim of at least one significant IT security incident. SAP systems are increasingly targeted in such attacks. The growing complexity of system environments and the usual limited security experience of many employees often leaves serious security gaps. Ignorance and panic will not help here, but securing your SAP system properly certainly will.

Maximum protection on all levels, thanks to SAST SUITE.

If your SAP system isn’t properly protected on all levels, you’re at risk of becoming an easy target. Losing data due to various forms of sabotage can have negative consequences for your company: Your reputation may be irreparably harmed and you may have to pay restitution for damages – or even give up your business, to offer just three examples.

Manufacturers, online security portals, and SAP itself offer regular updates on the latest security flaws. All the more reason to put your infrastructure, databases, and custom ABAP developments under the microscope and analyze all your system interfaces with our SAST SUITE.

This will help you minimize security vulnerabilities and protect your SAP systems from attacks.

For years now, IT security and governance, risk, and compliance strategies have been a cornerstone of integrated risk management at many companies – yours included, most likely.

This is precisely the area we designed the SAST SUITE to address. Our software factors in all of the dependencies relevant to your company, from assessing risks and securing your IT systems to handling identity and user access management.

The SAST SUITE comes preconfigured and ready to run, which means you can have it up and running in your SAP landscape in just hours. Meanwhile, our security and compliance experts will use their certified expertise in all of SAP’s modules to make sure that your implementation goes off without a hitch.

You’ll then be protected against every kind of incursion, including hacks, espionage, manipulation, rights violations, and data theft.

What makes SAST SUITE unique:
  • Real-time security and compliance for your SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems
  • More than 4,000 automated checks and security notes to cover every facet of your landscape
  • 25 predefined rule sets for checking your authorizations (including over 800 conflict-free role templates)
  • Support for the recommendations of SAP, DSAG, and BSI
  • Seamless logging of unwanted downloads from your systems
  • Protection for sensitive personal data through logging of read access attempts (in the context of SAP HCM)
  • Incident reports that include contextual information and recommended actions
  • Certified for SAP NetWeaver, HANA, and S/4HANA
Numerous advantages for you:
  • Ready to run in just a few hours
  • No additional hardware or software necessary – the SAST SUITE is installed as an SAP add-on
  • Intuitive operation reduces the learning curve for your employees
  • The high level of automation and pre-configuration conserve your internal resources
  • One-click overview of your current risk and compliance status at any time
  • Optionally integrate your specific security and compliance policies
  • Easy integration of your SIEM or IdM tool
  • Our SAST SUITE is is available in nine languages and used worldwide

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