SAP Single Sign-On

Secure and Easy SAP Access without Login

schlusselSAP Single Sign On (SSO) is the standard solution for secure system login to SAP Applications for the past years in order to secure access to critical business data. Instead of using passwords system accesses is now granted via SAP Tokens. In addition to a more convenient end user access a reliant encryption technology is used.

This Webinar is intended to provide an overview on the risks and work effort that runs with standard access procedures based on passwords. You will learn how SSO Technologies and Token models can be used to easily implement into an existing environment.

You will benefit of an overview of several uses case examples from customer sites on the architecture setup of an SSO environment and what are the challenges that come along with an SAP SSO environment.

Finally there is an open discussion on questions.


Featured Speaker 

                                  Uwe Schlegel

SAP Security Manager Consultant and Architect

Archon Meridian


Thursday, Sept 29, 2016


16:00 Melbourne, Australia – Victoria

AEST UTC+10 hours

08:00 Germany

CEST UTC+2 hours



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