Archon Meridian


Archon Meridian (SAP Technology Consulting) is a medium-sized SAP consultancy firm based in Ratingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. With 12 employees at present and a high-quality network of freelance specialists, in the SAP consultancy business we cover the key technological topics “Security”, “Basic technology and architectures” as well as “Mobile application” in a detailed manner that is tailored to the customer.

Our consultants support our customers in their whole Life Cycle Management of a SAP system landscape, from planning to ITIL-compliant implementation phases to its operation. We work all around Germany in different branches, where we have built upon our expertise from the industry, telecommunication and service/service provision.

Archon Meridian is your special implementation and consultation partner in all matters and requirements in the subject areas mentioned. The AM Consultants are experts in the areas and also have a broad process knowledge, so that the combination of technology and business is a recipe for success. Our consultants communicate at one level with the business specialist departments and can bring about the 1:1 application to the technology without friction loss.

Our customer history shows that AM primarily attend to the upper mid-size market and large corporations, and then work in the most complex SAP system landscapes as a result. These comprehensive project experiences in SAP Security, Basic Technology and Mobile Solutions thus benefit our whole client base.

Our customers’ goal to cooperate successfully with Archon Meridian represents the driving force and the passion of our work.  („beyond architecture boundaries“)