Basis Technology

„back to the roots“  – the majority of our consultants and also of management have their SAP roots in the project experiences from the mid-90s of the last century. The start release versions, from 3x of the R/3 systems, to the Netweaver platforms transformed into the web application server, to today’s S/4 SAP Hana Business Suites, accompanied our experts in the technology sectors in the last 3 decades.

Our consultants have experienced the whole SAP technological evolution and accompanied it in complex customer landscapes with a solution-based approach. Whether with the first web-based implementation of online shops of the Deutschen Messe AG, Hannover, or with the greatest global SAP rollout at Vodafone AG, our consultants were always involved in crucial project phases which played a major part for the success of the programme on the part of the customer.

We accompany our customers not only in classic basis-relevant hands-on and consultation requirements; our technical architects assist with the design and integration process of SAP applications in existing landscapes or in the restructuring/optimisation of the SAP landscape.

Basistechnologien - Archon-Meridian