Reference projects – Vodafone AG Managed Services – SAP Demand Management

Starting situation and nature of the taskvodafone-logo

  • For the optimisation of global development strategies for the SAP solution, a ‘demand process’ was defined, integrated and implemented into the existing Change Management process.
  • In cooperation with the project teams and the external offshoring service providers, the ‘demands’ were analysed with regard to the impact on the operation and evaluated according to quality, expenses and resources.
  • The demand management has to be further automated and integrated through workflows into the overall SAP operational process.

Solution approach and modules

  • Detailed concept of the demand process
  • Illustration of the process and content management integration with MS-Sharepoint & SAP Solution Manager
  • Implementation of a pilot and optimisation of the operational procedure

Solution architecture

  • MS-Sharepoint Server
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.0


  • Traceability of change management and of global developments in a very complex SAP system landscape
  • Predictability of costs, expenses and resources for the operation of applications with regard to the share of the costs of the project sponsors

Highlights and Lessons Learned

  • Control of offshoring resources
  • Escalation management